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cleverheads enables companies and educational partners to recommend applicants

Qualified applicants are kept within the region and sector.

Most of the good applicants are rejected. We are putting a stop to this practice of wasting skilled workers.

All of the network partners are included.

Universities, colleges, schools and educational providers can make recommendations.

One application for all the companies within the region.

Applicants present themselves to all of the participating companies in the network with one application.

How cleverheads works

Recommend strong applicants

Company A invites a strong applicant to cleverheads and recommends them to other companies with a personal reference.


The applicant registers with cleverheads. They enter their own data and upload all files independently. This guarantees data privacy. Applicants on the cleverheads platform are only visible to participating companies.

Finding the right candidates

Companies are informed of new applicants by email. Company B finds the perfect applicant with cleverheads and hires him. Company B pays a recommendation premium for the prequalified applicant. Company A receives 50% of the recommendation premium paid and can thus finance their own recruitment costs, for example.

Your data is secure

  • Guaranteed data privacy

    index Internet und Mediaforschung GmbH is a German company and subject to the German data privacy law – which is arguably the most stringent in the world. We regularly have our system checked by an external company pursuant to data privacy legislation. Personal data remain within the system and can be managed or deleted entirely by the user that enters it.

    A company never passes on an applicant’s data.

    Applicants are invited to cleverheads without our system saving the data. The applicant makes their own decision about whether to accept the invitation and enter their data. This process has also been checked against data privacy legislation and satisfies the stringent requirements.

  • Full data control for applicants

    Not even cleverheads can avoid storing certain mandatory applicant information. The applicant also makes their own decision about what they would and would not like to disclose about themselves – for us, this starts with their date of birth. Applicants can make their own decision about which companies can and cannot view them, plus they can delete their data at any time.

  • Server location: Germany

    Personal information deserves to be protected. To manage the data, we use a certified high-tech computer centre in Cologne. In other words, the data are stored and managed in Germany.

Price overview


With just one application, you can reach all of the companies involved. This increases your job opportunities.

Educational partners

Make it easier for your talented people to land a job and keep your expertise in the region.

+ earn a recommendation premium

Use the potential of strong applicants and finance your recruitment costs.

from € 10/month plus VAT
Please look at the price list for detailed pricing information and information on the recommendation bonus.


cleverheads has been awarded several times: 2012 Distinct Place & nominated federal winner 2013 Human Ressources Excellence Award


Do you have questions? You will find answers in our Help area. Alternatively, please do not hesitate to contact us in person via the Contact area.


  • Guaranteed data privacy

    Applicants independently upload their documents. No data are saved before they do so.

  • Server location: Germany

    The cleverheads servers are and will remain in a computer centre in Germany.